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Choti Sardarni, 19th July 2021, Written Episode Update, Sarabjeet Realises His Mistake!


Here we are with the written episode update of “Choti Sardarni” of 19 July 2021. The episode begins with the biggest shock for Meher. She will get to know about the new character in her life. The bit is unaware about the fact that whether it will be good or bad for her. as per the promo we can say that Meher is gonna be worried when she gets to know about Saloni Majumdar. tShe use to search about her on Facebook and there she gets to know about her.

Choti Sardarni

She even reads her post which consists of “I’m going to meet my crush after so long”. Meher gets tensed when she knows that Salni has a crush on Sarab. On the other hand, we will be going to see that Sarab and Saloni Aggies to Laywtyer tougher and they are talking about some cases. Saloni is helping  Sarab. Later we will get to see that Saloni and Sarab are on the mere[ting and kids use to call Sarab but Saloni cuts the call.

After this Sraab sue to tell one of his problems to Saloni and they will be seen a bit emotional towards each other. Whereas Saloni asks him whatever Meher knows the truth or not. Sarab tells her that Meher doesn’t know about it and when she gets to know the truth then, it will going to hurt her a lot. Then Saloni makes sure to him that she will be going to help in the entire scenario whatever it is easy or difficult it doesn’t matter.

After this, we will witness that Dara Ji and Tai Ji are leaving and Mher is requesting them to nit to leave. Then Tai Ji tells her that they will come back soon. Daar Ji uses to shower lots of love on her. He says to her that everything will be going to be fine soon. Sarab will definitely realize his mistake and he comes to apologize. He further added that “you need to be strong my child and God is with you.” And the episode ends here to watch the episode on colors tv.

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  1. Choti sardarni isnt d same choti sardarni anymore,d changes or leap made a lot of difference to d story which in d sense its not actually like not relate to d title choti sardarni..anyway thats their story but honestly im very very dissappointed,i will never watch choti sardarni anymore coz my sarab,seher,param n karan r no more, actually,they r d real choti sardarni including meher..not others


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