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Choti Sardarni, 17th May 2021, Written Update, Meher’s Memory Goes Back!


The episode begins with Sarab is all set to execute his plan to make Mhere ready for dinner. Hence he goes to Kulwat’s home to meet Maher and he uses to ask Maher for dinner but she isn’t getting ready this easily. She gives him a challenge in which Sarab gas to eat green chilies and if done so then she will go with him for dinner.

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Sarab remains stunned when he listens to her challenge and he wonders if he can do so then he will get time to spend with her. Later he accepts her challenge and says s” I’m ready to perform this challenge but you have tp sure that you will not be going to denie’s later.” Meher tells him ‘if he will eat all the green chilies then I will definitely someone dinner come on dinner with you.” After this, we see that Sarab use to eat all the chilies and he isn’t in a good state.

His mouth is burning inside and he has tears in his eyes not only this his eyes become red and Meher is in shock that how can someone have chilies so, that I can for dinner with him. Meger is impressed by him. Nows the question is whether Meher goes on dinner with him or not. The audience is so excited to know what will be going to happen next. Their many questions such as will Meher goes to dinner with Sarab? Will Saraab is able to impress her? Are they going to stay together again?  Will they get married or not?.

In the last e[ised we have seen that Sarab dressed up as a trailer to meet Meher secretly but his identity unveiled in front of Kulwant Kaur. Before this, we have seen that Sarab gets a minor injury on his arm and his daughter use to wound his injury she uses to talk to him like Meherand he kisses her forehead. Meanwhile, Harleen came there and she asked him whether they are going to Meher’s home for their Rishta. Sarab told her that yes and I’m sure she will not going to refuse.

On the other side, we will see that Kulwant and Meher’s brothers were trying their best to make her fall in love with Sarab and accept his marriage proposal. While in tonight’s episode it will be interesting to see whether Meher goes on dinner with Sarab or not. Watch the full episode on the colors tv channel.

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