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Choti Sardarni, 15th June 2021, Written Episode Update, Meher Decides Reveal Truth!


Today’s episode starts with Dolly reprimands the maid as she is not working properly. Harleen comes there and stops Dolly. She says that the maid is new and she didn’t explain her work. Sarab comes and says to Harleen that Amrit will make her understand all work. Amrit compliments Sarab saying he is very intelligent and mature. She thinks that whatever Sarab is doing only for Meher. Daarji questions Bittu and Rana about their qualifications. They both answer his question then he asks them about Kulwant. They both go to the toilet. Rana says to Bittu that they have to leave the place soon after finishing all the work.

Choti Sardarni

They both start searching for Meher. They both hide go to Amrit’s room and she sees them hiding. She asks them what are doing here? Rana says to him that they have come to her to use the toilet. They try to have a conversation with Meher but failed to do that as she ignored them. Bittu says that they came here to blackmail her but she is not listening. Meher comes to Daarji and says that she needs to tell him. They listen to Amrit’s voice who tells them that their family necklace went missing.

Amrit accuses Rana and Bittu of stealing the necklace. Daarji asks Amrit how can she say this with surety. She says that she has seen them in her room. Meher starts finding the necklace. Amrit accuses Meher along with Bittu and Rana. Daarji scolds Amrit for accusing Meher of all this matter. Sarab tries to calm Amrit down and says that she is thinking wrong about Meher as she is not like that. After that, Amrit also blames Seher saying that Meher taught her daughter stealing things. Sarab requests Amrit not to use these words for Meher.

Amrit asks Sarab to tell the whole truth to Daarji. Meher says to Daarji that she came here to tell him the truth. Sarab reveals the truth about Seher and Meher. Daarji gets angry and scolds Sarab for hiding the truth. He leaves the place. Meher scolds Seher when Amrit tells her that Seher was stealing money. She was about to raise her hand on her but Sarab stops her. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 7 PM. Stick with us for more written updates of the latest shows.

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