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Choti Sardarni 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarabjeet-Sandhya Face-off!


The episode starts with Sandhya as she promise s to the kids that Meher will return till Seher’s birthday. Seher hears their talks and tells Sarab about it. She says that she is very happy as the first time she is going to celebrate her birthday with her lovely parents. Sarab thinks why Sandhya is telling lie to the kids as it’s not possible at all. After that, Sarab asks her about her lie and asks why did this? She says to him that she said this only to Param and Karan.

Choti Sardarni

Sarab says Seher overhears them and says she just want to destroy everything that’s why she is telling lie to the kids. The doctor tells Sarab that Seher has been recovered 75% and her other report will tell us the actual condition. Sarab says thanks to the doctor. Sarab pays Sandhya for taking care of Seher and thanks her as well. Sandhya says when Seher’s last report will cone after that she will go from the house. She adds that whatever she promises to the kids, will happen definitely. Sarab asks how? She says to him something and leaves from there.

The next morning. Sarab gets to know about Sandhya’s donation for Seher’s birthday. Sarab gives prasad to everyone. Sarab asks her for help. Karan tells Sarab that Sandhya calls him saying “dragon papa”. Sarab smiles. Meher wishes Sandhya to sing a song kisses her. Seher opens her eyes and feels Meher’s presence. Seher comes outside and gets amused as everyone decorated the room beautifully. Seher hugs Sarab and thanks him. Seher tells Sarab this is the first time she is celebrating her birthday like this.

Sarab says to her that she is his princess and all princess celebrate the birthday like this only. Seher gets a birthday from Meher. Sandhya says to Sarab says she has worked outside the house for something. Sandhya bumps into someone and then she feels that someone is behind her. After that, Ranjan is the one who is following her. Ranjan makes a call to Kulwant and says she shouldn’t let Sandhya out of the house as he is back.

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