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Choti Sardarni, 14 May 2021, Written Update, Sarabjeet Plans To Win Meher’s Heart!


The episode begins with  Meher is in the hall along with the children, her daughter uses to call her Meher Mumma but she isn’t reacted to it. Later her daughter uses to tell Sbarab that “I wish Mumma can remember after marriage time, hence we don’t have to behave like this to her. After this Sarab gets an idea to bring back Meher’s memory.

Choti Sardarni

He analyses that Meher only remembers her life till 2010, and I met her after 2010. It means she didn’t remember that she is carried and she is in love with someone. So, I can again make her fall in my love and we will get married to them. Listening to his idea Harleen says that “it will not going to be easy as Meher is a strict unmarried girl who doesn’t even talk to us politely.” Meanwhile, her husband says that “this one is a good idea.

You can do this and it will be fun for both of you and we are here to help you both.” Then Sarab says that “Meher lost her memory but It will not going to be difficult to let her fall in love with me again, and I have known thet it will take time but this the best way to bring back her memory. While Meher only forgets me from her mind as I’m still here in her heart.”

I’m sure that if I shower my love, care, and feelings to her she can’t able to deny to accept me. Whereas I know she will going to show me an attitude and will sure refuse at the early stage I’m definitely sure that she will be going to accept me and love me back. On the other side, Harleen and her husband keep on laughing at Sarab and they are wondering how will he manage to do this and whether it will be easy for him to execute this idea.

It will be going to exciting for the viewers to watch their leave story and romance again, While we will see that Sarab even changed his look and he uses to wear sunglasses and a hat on his head to impress Meher. Kids get stunned seeing Sarab in a new look and they use to compliment him a lot. Meher is going to be really shocked with what about to come in her life. Keep watching the serial on Colors Tv.

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