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Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 written update: Sandhya Try To Connect with Karan and Seher!


We have come with the written update of the Colors TV serial named “Choti Sardarni”. The episode starts with Sandhya as she sees Sarab is coming to her and she goes from there so that he can’t see her. Karan tells Sandhya that she was about to surprise him so he is waiting for that and goes to school. Param tells his school friend that he didn’t do his homework as Karan is upset with him because of that Sandhya. Sandhya hears his talk and asks him to help him with his homework but he denies it and tells Harleen for him.

Choti Sardarni

In Kulwant’s house, Yuvi wondering why Rana became so sweet with Kulwant. Later, Rana asks her for money saying Ginni wants a TV in her room. Kulwant says to her that go outside the house and earn money for his or his wife’s comfort. Seher tells Sandhya that Karan and Param are not talking to each other. Sandhya blames herself for their fight. She gives her idea to cheer Karan. she says to her that Karan is fond of Rabdi Jalebi, he can do anything to eat the dish. Sandhya says then she will prepare Rabdi Jalebi for him.

Param overhears their conversation and says he will make his brother’s favorite dish before Sandhya. He goes to the kitchen and falls down on the floor while making Rabdi Jalebi. He asks for help. Sandhya hears her voice and rushes to him and bumps into Sarab. She asks the servant for ointment and about to apply it but Sarab takes the ointment from her hands. Sarab asks Param that why he is in the kitchen. He tells him the reason.

Sarab gets angry at Sandhya for breaking the rules and asks her to leave his house. He says to her that he only allows her to take care of Seher then why he tries to make the dish for Karan. Sarab asks her to see the rule paper, she takes the papers and tore the paper saying she won’t follow his rule. She says she is here for Seher so what Seher wants she will do. Sarab imaging Meher. She says to her that she should thank Sandhya for taking care of Seher and he is scolding her. He says he won’t say thanks to her. Don’t forget to watch “Choti Sardarni” on Colors at 07:30 PM. Stay connected with us.

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