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Choti Sardarni 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher In A Predicament!


In the new episode of the Serial, you are going to see all of the kids as they are waking up as they hear the sound of a stick and then kids get panic and start calling the person with the stick as the devil uncle and they are wondering to themselves that how did he get the stick back and then Meher enters the room dressed up as Daarji and all of the kids say Mama and then Meher stated to the kids that if they are not ready then they need to get ready and the kids replied that they did break the stick earlier and then he started to the kids that this stick belongs to their younger Dadu naming Gurbaksh Singh Ji.

Choti Sardarni

The kids reply that isn’t it the same stick and asked him further that do they both have the same stick and he stated that their papa gave this stick to him so that he can keep it safe and then Daar ji enters, Meher is touching the feet of DaarJi and Meher goes on to give th stick to him and then he stated that he got separated from his brother about 25 years ago and this stick is the reason that we get reunited as he stated that this is not just a stick, it is a symbol of brother love and he further stated that this is his brother and he told Meher that he is happy that he has kept the belongings intact for them to cherish and remember those who have been there for them always and he further stated that now they have 2 Grandfathers now and then Gurbaksh is showing the stick to them.

The kids are seeing touching the stick and then he stated that are these guys ready for the punishment that they have to go through because they broke a stick earlier and then Seher stated that he is busy doing his school project and Karan and Param are going to help him out and then he further stated that punishment can wait and they can punish them after 2 days when they are done with the school project and then Meher states that school project can wait as he will be going to helping them with that project and then Daar Ji is stating to them that now you guys need to get ready for the punishment as he further told them that they had fun when they broke the stick so now get excited as they all are going to be punished.

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