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Choti Sardarni 11th May 2021 full episode written update: Meher Convince Param?


In the first scene of the episode, you are going to see Harleen as she is stating that there is a whole lot of difference between her own child and her stepchild to which Sarab tells her to relax a little bit as he states that Meher has done a lot for the kids and saying such stuff is not going to help anyone and it is not even ideal to compare your kids as that can make them stand against each other as comparing can build problems in the relationship of them so she doesn’t need to say all of this as Meher gets all teary to which Harleen says that she will stop touching this topic and will be quiet about this but she has a condition for this as she goes on to say that from now onwards she is the one who is going to take care of Param

Choti Sardarni

and further states that she is going to look after her upbringing and further says that he is going to be her responsibility from now on and he says to this that a heart which is filled with doubts can never perform to raise a child and he further states that he is his child and she needs to stay away from his son to which she replied that he is the first child that has ever called her mother as Harleen says that he needs to stay in his limit as she is really attached to Param and love him in every single way so he needs to think before speaking and need to realize that whatever he is saying is going to bite him back as Param and her have a very close relationship and are pretty close to each other.

In the next scene, Sarab is seeing is going to give water to Meher as Sarab is asking him as to what has happened to him suddenly and why is he behaving in such a nice manner with him as Harleen says that he needs to stop with this drama that he does all the time after which Pram’s video has been seen by the coach and he has stated that Param has a potential to be an amazing goalkeeper and has a great shot in being the part of the team of the football team as Meher replies to the coach that he is pretty grateful for these huge complements and is going to bring Param for the practice and Param replies that he is not going to be a goalkeeper as a goalkeeper has no value in the team.

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