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Choti Sardarni 11th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher Asks Forgiveness From Her Children


In today’s episode of “Choti Sardani” 11th March 2021, is going to be very fascinating to watch the show being with Meher who is in a heartbroken statement at this moment. She continues says there were two deaths that were happened one was brother’s death and the second one was mine. After the incident of my brother died, my whole world was changed, no one imagined what kind of things or situations I had gone through.

Choti Sardarni

No one was there for me only Sarab who is always with me and who have faith in me. My mom is the main culprit of this entire incident, she has indisposed his mind. Sarab is the only one who trusted that I have not killed Jagga. I was imprisoned because of the accusation of killing my brother without any proof and I do not want my children to suffer from this accusation that their mother is a murderer.

Meher is asking forgiveness from her children and she says that I know my children think that I am a liar but I don’t want to know them that I was prisoned for the past 5 years. I was fearing that how I am going to face all of you I was completely helpless. Meher asking sorry to Seher and says that she left her in Gill Mansion as she did not have money for her treatment. Meher says that the court has removed all the allegations on me and acquitted me innocent but my own family members called me delinquent. Kulwant called me a snake, liar, and other appropriate words to Yuvi whom I loved a lot.

Yuvi says liar to Kulwant and moves to his room and in the second scenario, Meher asks her children to punish her for her crimes. But her children say that they do not consider her delinquent and respect her. Sarab and the children embrace her. Meher initiates ambulance service. In the meantime, Sarab got a strain in his leg and he finds difficulty while moving his leg but the reporters asking questions to Meher. In the house, Harleen asks Meher to leave the house.

Sarab asks Harleen to forgiveness to Meher as the court as well as the people find her innocent and she is not a murderer anymore so just allow her to live in this house. Whereas Kulwant asks Yuvi to open the door but Yuvi is not opening the door and says that you are lying to me. The court has removed all the allegations fromĀ  Meher which means that she is not my father’s killer.

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