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Choti Sardarni 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Daarji Loses His Calm!


In the new episode of the series you are going to see Tai ji and Daar ji as they are taking the food from Meher as the kids are also serving them and Sarab is seeing smiling and then Daar Ji is stating that the food takes exactly like the food that Biji makes and then he stated that how is this even possible.

Choti Sardarni

Then Sarab is the one who comes home and he is getting hugged by Meher as he starts telling him that how happy and proud he is because of him as he is enjoying the food and he further stated that he is thankful for all of the appreciation that he is getting.

He also told him that Daarji was appreciating him so much and then in the next scene you are going to see Taiji and Dolly as they are sitting together as she is stating that it seems like Sarab is always there where Meher is, she stated that she is the one who has gone to plan all of this and she stated that she is too clever for her own good.

In the next scene, you are going to see Daarji who is going to be sleeping as the kids are sneaking in the room and they are trying to steal away his stick and then Sarab is thinking to himself that he is not going to see Daarji getting angry again as he stated to his friends that they need to be really careful,

Then they all are trying to break it as he says that he has come up with an idea as he states that they should exert pressure to the stick together as it will easily get broken after that as they managed to break off the stick as they all started saying that the mission has been a success and then Daarji is awake to the noise of the kids and he shouts that where is his stick,

Amrit comes in and he asking that what has gone wrong and why is he shouting as he replied that he doesn’t repeat himself again and again and then he asks all of the kids to come forward as they all are pretty scared, Daarji says that he hates liars as he further stated that they need to start speaking up and then Seher is stating that he needs to punish him as it was his idea and he tells him to not include his friends when it comes to the punishment.

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