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Choti Sardarni 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan Thinks Nobody Loves Him


The episode starts with the kids as they tell Meher that Param is not at home. Everyone starts finding Param. Sarab says to the security guard to check the CCTV footage. The kids also try to find Param around the storeroom. Param overhears everyone’s voice. Meher comes to the storeroom to search for him but Yuvi tells her that he won’t be here as it is locked from outside. Meher leaves from there. Param listens to their voice and starts knocking on the door. Seher opens the storeroom.

Choti Sardarni

Kids scream very loud when they see Param’s condition. Meher also yells and asks who locked the room. She asks everyone to answer her. The kids deny knowing anything about it. After that, Meher questions Param that how he locked in the room. Param tells her that she locked the door. He says she is the one who asked her to hide in the storeroom. Harleen reprimands Meher but Sarab comes there and says that he locked the door by mistake as he didn’t know that Param was hidden here. Sarab says sorry to Param. Param says there is no need to say sorry.

Later, everyone plays the game in which Param won that game. Seher says that because Param is the winner so Param will make Meher and Sarab eat cake. Meher gets stunned when she sees wrote “I love Karan” on the cake. Karan gets amused to see the cake and says Meher loves her a lot that’s why he wrote this. Meher tells that she asks the shopkeeper to wrote “I love Sarab” on the cake. Sarab tries to cover up her mistake. Harleen says to him that she is noticing that how he always defends Meher. They both cut the cake when Yuvi asks them to do it.

Param says to everyone that the football result is about to come and asks so check it on the school website. When the result came, everyone gets to know that Karan got selected in the team and also the captain of the team but Param gets upset as he didn’t select for the football team. Everyone goes to console him. At the same time, Karan thinks that everyone just loves Param not him.

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