Home World Chinwetalu Agu Arrested: Why Nollywood Actor Chiwetalu Agu was arrested?

Chinwetalu Agu Arrested: Why Nollywood Actor Chiwetalu Agu was arrested?


Chinwetalu Agu Arrested: Why Nollywood Actor Chiwetalu Agu was arrested? A most renowned actor Chinwetalu Agu has been creating news headlines due to his attires. Yes, you read it right. There might be a question arising in your mind, why he is into the headlines due to his clothes. His new outfit is seeking the attention of the people and this is also viral on social media. The user is sharing their different opinions on his new outfits. Chinwetalu Agu is become a trendsetter due to the clothes he has been wearing repeatedly. Follow More Update On Get India News

Chinwetalu Agu Arrested

Chinwetalu Agu Arrested

A Nollywood actor seeking attention by wearing Biafra Flag. He has been arrested many times by the Nigerian army as he has been caught up numerous times repeating the Biafra flag outfit and this has been turned into Jalabia by him. His outfit relates to terrorism. Noe there had been a question, Why to wear such outfit as there is chaos everywhere. He has been hurting the feelings of his netizens by doing so and it brings him into the hatred list of his netizens. He must have not done so. This s a clear disrespect towards his country and its people.

He got arrested by a soldier and when it becomes news, people come forward and they took to Twitter to support him. Then he finally got released from jail on Friday.

There is numerous of reaction of the people on this. They took to Twitter to express their feelings regards the same.

Edochoe was given a statement in which he said that “When I get to know about him all tried and wished to bring him back. So I just tried my best to make a move for him. I just hope he will be fine.”

The veteran actress Shan George also took to Twitter and she wrote that “My dear brother you must own it if you wore it. There is nothing wrong with it and we are here to support you. As there is nothing wrong, and this is my personal opinion. Fighting for your freedom isn’t wrong at all. So it must not include as a crime. Own your fight by you are right and be strong.”

“We need a father figure in Nigeria and this is the only way to bring the things on track. We just need someone like Muritala Muhammed. He was the best leader and we need someone just like him against.” Said Pope Odonwodo.

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