The reports are coming that the Chinese military has added some new weapons to their inventory while the chief commanders are busy talking with India on the issue of border standoff in eastern Ladakh. Since the last few weeks, the tension between Chinese and India has been increased as the issue of the border side of eastern Ladakh has again become the headache of both countries though it looks like that China is trying to mock India with his cheap tactics.

Now the sources are confirming that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 75th Group has recently added some new weapons as they got them just now. These new weapons include most advanced vehicle-mounted howitzer which is called PCL-181. The whole reports got confirmed when the Chinese government held a ceremony in which we have seen that its troops were conducting exercises in northwestern China while they are adding some new weapons.

Chinese Army Received Most Advanced Vehicle-Mounted Howitzer

The whole ceremony or exercise took place near northwestern China’s desert areas Nanjiang Haojiao, or Horn of the Southern Border. Well, we can see it in pictures that were released through the official statement in which the new weapons can be seen. Also, according to the local Chinese reports, we can say that a new weapon weighs only 25 tons and it is a much lighter and faster vehicle to be added to the army.

Also, the sources are confirming that the previous self-propelled howitzer used to use crawler tracks and weighs more than 40 tons. In comparison to this, we can say that the army of China has added something useful in their inventory. It would also have digitalized control panels in the howitzer’s cab, and this system would allow artillery gun deployment with the press of a button, automatic gun calibration and semi-automatic ammo reload.


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