Indian app developers got a great opportunity to make more money by developing their own apps. Because of some previous incidents which are happened in India and as per the result Indians are against Chinese apps and products as well and seeking to boycott china. it’s an open secret that China is a deceiver to the beginning. in every manner, Wheather you are using products or its weird political activity on supporting terrorism can’t believe china because of his own karma, in the greed to become a powerful nation, After banning TikTok and other 59 Chinese apps. However, this greed has ruined china’s investment in India.

Indian App Developers Got Oppurtunities After Chinese App Banned

No doubt that TikTok had become the most entertaining and biggest platform for showing your skills but due to some people those who were uploading unnesseacry stuff for promoting abuse and nonauthentic content, TikTok got the unexpected fall down in India, but now when this platform has been removed among Indians, The TikTokers are not having any other opportunity because whatever they were just because of TikTok They had a bunch of opportunities like promotion of songs, promotion of products which they did not use to have. Few of TikTokers are still having popularity because of their talent.

Which Opportunities Indian App Developers Are Having?

As we all are must in the swim about that after banning TikTok, The TikTokers and their fans are extremely waiting for the comeback of their star. Because Tiktokers are waiting for the features in the Indian app which they used to have before. Thus it can be a great opportunity for Indian app developers to expand their business. If they will be giving the same features TikTok has.

The Decision of ban Chinese apps by our prime minister Narendra Modi bring the change in Indian app market because TikTok is one of the most, short-video making app for entertainment till now, the main problem which Indian app developer will face is that they have to provide the same & efficient features which TikTok was having, hence the audience were got addicted to that. Though, the app developers are doing at their best for giving the best to India. Let’s see how far will they able to make their niche in the market and in the hearts of Indian entertainers as well.


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