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China’s Plans To Go To The Moon: Can They Become The Next Big Space Power?


Recently china is maintaining its position on top of news headlines and on the internet as many posts are pooping on social media platforms about china’s new activities, on earth and in the outer space, as  China plans to become the next big space power as its recent moves shows, china step toward leading space power which will bring it decades ahead of other countries, as it launched it mission space calendar and future missions lists which shows its really big ambitions and here below you will find the details explained, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


The Chinese launched its space mission recently in which two astronauts are set and began a six-month space mission, china is the 3rd country only in the world who have a space station set outside the earth and also a country with having astronauts in a space station. till now only two countries soviet union Russia and the USA are able to do so, Chinese new space station named “Tiangong” space station had launched last year its first model of Tiangong station and now plan to add more models like “Megtian” a science lab just by end of the year 2022, next year China plans to launch a space telescope called “Xuntian” which will fly close to the Tiangong space station which will connect with it for fuel supply and service of any needed part. “Tiangong” is designed to have its own power supply from the sun and fuel with propulsion connected to it. Tiangong has availability for the life support system and living quarters also.

Chinese is an ambitious country but its astronauts have been excluded from international space station “ISS” missions because US laws banned its space agency NASA from sharing its details with China and the Tiangong space station may replace the international space station (ISS) that will be decommissioned in 2031.

China’s big ambition for Tiangong is as, china released a mission plan char which compiles its time and names of missions, as in 2022 it finished the construction of the Tiangong space station in 2025 want to take samples from asteroids revolving around near-earth and bring research carried out on them, in 2030 it will set astronauts on the moon to collect samples on the moon also planning to launch missions to collect samples from Mars and Jupiter, by the year 2035 china plans to develop reusable rocket which will reduce the cost, by 2040 china will build a nuclear power space station and in 2045 it plans to become a leading space power.

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