The popular Mollywood filmmaker and also a chef naming Naushad is in critical condition, he is getting treatment at a private hospital and is currently on ventilator support. The severe news has been confirmed by another producer naming Noushad Aalathur who took om his social media handle and stated, his dear friend is in critical condition. He is on the ventilator at Thiruvalla hospital, everyone seems to be praying for his speedy recovery, his wife has also left him and all of us two weeks ago, they both have a daughter together.

Chef Naushad

Chef Naushad Death Reason

He is famously known as the Naushad big chef, he has been the chef in many of the cookery shows which comes on Television, he has been a film producer, he has had many super hits such as Kazhcha, best actor, Lion, Chattambinad, Payyans, and Spanish masala, he also has a catering service and a hotel in Thiruvalla.

The news of his critical condition has created a panic situation on the internet when it comes to his fans, he was one of the most entertaining people and he has been generating people for the longest time, he has been making people happy with good and quality food, he has been entertaining people by producing so many hit movies and his loss is going to be felt hard.

How did Chef Naushad Die?

People are praying for him and people are sending messages on the internet to the chef and the film producer to stay strong and the daughter is receiving so many heartfelt messages providing her with strength and also providing strength to Naushad who is fighting for his life in the hospital.

It seems like everything is going to be just fine if everyone is going to believe in it, he has been a cherishable man throughout his life, he is pretty witty and he is pretty funny most of the time, the guy has also helped many youngsters to provide them with the platform to showcase their talent, he has taught so many people as to how to cook quality food so he was a man who has influenced and inspired many people to follow their dreams.

and now it can be seen as people are giving him so much love which is evident on the social media platforms as people are providing the soul with all of the strength to come out on top and we are sure he is going to make it out alive, his daughter is going to be his biggest strength in these difficult times.


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