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Netflix: Jerry Cheer Arrested: Why was Cheer Star Jerry Cheer Arrested? Explained


Netflix: Jerry Cheer Arrested: Why was Cheer Star Jerry Cheer Arrested? Explained: You must be familiar with the child pornography case of former Navarro College cheerleader Jerry Harris. This case has got national attention and due to this, the case is getting addressed in the forthcoming season of the streaming giant Netflix docuseries that made him popular. The case was in the hype and now the streaming giant just dropped the trailer of the forthcoming second season of the super famous “Cheer”… and the trailer showcases the school’s cheer team coach, Monica Aldama which references the apprehend of Jerry. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cheer Star Jerry Cheer Arrested

Jerry Cheer Arrested

The 2nd season of the successful and hit Netflix docuseries will address the criminal accusations made against the 1st season star Jerry Harris. Harris was apprehended in the month of September 2020 in Illinois and charged with producing child pornography. He has rejected the charges and pleaded not guilty, with a criminal trial still upcoming.

Why was Cheer Star Jerry Cheer Arrested?

If discovered guilty, he faces a conviction of up to 15 years in jail.

Cheer is about the championship cheerleading team at Navarro College in Texas will tackle the apprehend of Jerry on child pornography and sex charges when he show came back for the 2nd season on 12th January 2022. The new trailer for the 2nd season released on Tuesday features the footage of the FBI apprehending Harris as well as what comes up to be Navarro coach Monica Aldama’s shocked reaction to the news, “I can not even process it right now.”

In a released statement, the director and executive producer of Cheer, Greg Whiteley, stated the apprehend of Harris was one of many “difficult moments” the show will explore, along with the impact of the pandemic and criminal charges against one of the Navarro cheerleading team.


As we mentioned above, Harris was apprehended by the FBI in the month of September 2020 and charged with the production of child pornography. Prosecutors asserted that Harris allegedly asked a 13-year-old boy to make and send him se*ually explicit videos and pictures of himself. During an interview with the authorities, Harris reportedly accepted to request and receive child pornography from 10 to 15 people he knew were minors, as well as having s*x with a 15-year-old at a cheerleading event in the year 2019.

Eventually, Harris was hit with 7 charges connected to accused incidents involving 5 minor boys. He is facing 4 counts of se*ual exploitation of children, one count of receiving and trying to get child pornography, 1 count of traveling with the try to involve in sexual conduct with a minor, and 1 count of enticement. In the month of December 2020, Harris pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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