3rd September 2020, Today’s Episode of Shubharambh starts with Kritida and Gunvant are playing cards and Rani’s father is here and taunt Gunvant can only pass time like this and he won’t be more than a shoemaker in future. In return, Gunvant replied him, does he has something to do with his money? Rani’s father knows Gunvant very well and he completely understood that Gunvant as usual, has started his drama and he leaves.

Rani’s father is telling Raja and Rani how to make shoes and related information. Since all the shops are closed and Rani’s father need shoe soles and he asks them if they have any! Here’s the solution, Raja gives him that garland of shoes that Gunvant made him to wear in order to insult Raja. So, now Raja and Rani start using their creative brains and giving ideas to their father to make these shoes even more attractive and look beautiful.

Shubharambh Today's Episode

In the next scene of the Shubharambh, Kesha tells Prakhat that she’s pregnant and he’s shocked to heard about this. He is ready to marry Kesha and asks her the same. Kesha agrees with the decision and she’s happy actually. Kesha and Prakhat decides to marry tomorrow’s morning and start packing their bags.

On the other hand, Rani and Raja are busy with their father making attractive shoes as they saw in the magazine. Finally, their father has designed the same as what they want. Raja is quite happy and the shoes are perfect for the competition.

Here comes Kesha as she will be needing money and the only way to get the money is to steal. She goes to steal Kritida’s money. Hitank, that very moment enters the room but he can’t figure out what Kesha is here for.

The next screen, Shubharambh, 3rd September, Good Morning! Rani and Raja’s room, Rani is looking for Raja as she wakes up and didn’t find her husband beside.

Raja is sitting out of the room and is quite worried about the competition and he tells Rani that he keeps on thinking about the competition the whole night. Raja and Rani, being positive, explaining themselves everything will be fine and they will be winning this competition. They’re ready to leave but what’s this? The shoes aren’t here. Tension level is extreme now. Stay tuned with us to know more about the shoes, the competition, and the Kesha’s move of stealing money!



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