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Who Is Charlotte Crosby’s Boyfriend, Jake Ankers? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Charlotte Crosby’s Boyfriend, Jake Ankers? Age, Instagram, and, more!: It seems like the baby season is going on. One after another we are hearing the pregnancy news or the arrival of the baby. In this lineup, one more name is added, Charlotte Crosby has declared she is pregnant with her first child her beau Jake Ankers. The Geordie Shore star (31-years-old) asserted the good news in a heartwarming post she shared with her admirers on Instagram on Tuesday. The announcement of Charlotte came just weeks after she hinted that she and Jake could get engaged in the future after he accepted he may propose soon. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Charlotte Crosby's Boyfriend, Jake Ankers

Who Is Charlotte Crosby’s Boyfriend, Jake Ankers?

In her social media post, Charlotte shared the news in a video viewing her sonography test and also filmed herself telling the happy news to her family. She wrote the caption: “A moment I was not sure would ever be mine is here, it is mine and Jake’s and I could not be happier to be sharing it with you all…I am having a baby.” In the viral video, Charlotte is watched going for a pregnancy scan where she hears the heartbeat of the baby.

Who Is Jake Ankers?

She is then watched telling her parents, with her mother Letitia bursting into tears as they hugged. Letita then informs Charlotte that she and her father Gary were just talking about how happy their daughter has looked lately as they sat around the table with Jake. Letita states: “You just know when you know, do not you Gary?” Charlotte asks. “When you know what?”

Jake Ankers Instagram

“That it is the right person and you are happy. When we were away this weekend we were talking about, “it is so nice that she is happy and she is settled and we know this is probably going to be the right one.” Gary then further added: “I have never known her so happy Jake.” The rest of the video watches Charlotte sharing a kiss prior to she meets members of her extended family on Mother’s Day to tell them the good and happy news. On Tuesday, 12th of April 2022, the star gushed she would finally discover “the One” with Jake after being “cheated on” and “used” by a string of exes.

Talking in A YouTube Q&A, the star stated she has avoided sharing pictures of Jake on social media because she does not want to be abused by trolls. She stated: I have enjoyed getting to know someone and falling in love with someone behind closed doors, sans people having their opinions.”

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