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TikTok: Who is Charlie Jeer? Bouncer Reveals Being Assaulted By Multiple Women In Viral Video


TikTok: Who is Charlie Jeer? Bouncer Reveals Being Assaulted By Multiple Women In Viral Video: A piece of news about the teenage boy is scattering all over the web and this is due to the viral video of him. Tik Tok is the video streaming o app on which everyone uses to share their videos and this has been also done by a boy but his video is getting viral. So now the question is what is inside the video which is making it viral all around the internet. The level of your curiosity must be high now and you must be wanting to know more about the same. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Charlie Jeer

Charlie Jeer TikTok Video Explained

The victim in the video is a Tik Tok user and he is just 19 years old and his name is Charlie Jeer. In the video, we will get to see that he has become the victim of harassment and this video of him has been shared. But after this, we will also be going to see that not only girls but boys are also unsafe in this world.

So it is clear that the harassment has been taken place with anyone. This video is making many of the netizens shocked and not a matter of concern. Now the video is under investigation. The video is getting viral on the internet since 15 December and the reactions of the user are arriving out. Many of the girls are also coming in the support of him and they are also calming that harassment is wrong whether it is with a girl or boy.

Who is Charlie Jeer?

He is a 19-year-old boy who is on the TIK TOK on which he use to post his videos. So ‘he also shares a video of him in which he shows that some girls were tried to harass him and made him helpless. As soon as the video is getting viral on the web, people are giving their sympathy to him and new that are also demanding justice for him. ‘hE

In a video we can see that he is lying and telling about what he has been going through has been said that “he has been harassed by woman 10 times where he has been working. And when I pushed her she left from there but the next week she became, again and again, tried to harass me. I tried to ignore her many times. And her mate also came there and she tried to grab me.”

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