Home News Charlene Murphey Death Case: VUMC Nurse Radonda Vaught Charges And Sentencing

Charlene Murphey Death Case: VUMC Nurse Radonda Vaught Charges And Sentencing


Charlene Murphey Death Case: VUMC Nurse Radonda Vaught Charges And Sentencing: Radonda Vaught, a former Nashville nurse, was found guilty and on Friday she was charged with criminally neglecting a patient treatment and mistreatment of an impaired patient after a prescription error resulting in the death of the patient. the debate in court lasts about 4 hours in a trial carefully persuaded by nurses and medical experts from throughout the country, many of them concerned that Vaught’s case might create a precedent for medical blunders that led to criminal prosecution, Vaught’s  38 years old was charged with reckless performance during work and unfatal death of patient Charlene Murphey at Vanderbilt university medical center just after Christmas 2017. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Radonda Vaught

Charlene Murphey Death Case

charges Vaught facing are deadly drug error in 2017, and being negligent at the workplace causing the death of an impaired adult named Charlene Murphey her trial’s jury selection began on Monday this case faced three-day trials in Nashville, Tenn where nurses throughout the country are captivated. Vaught will face three to six years in jail for negligence in duty conduct and two years in jail for being the cause of death of a patient as she never had any past convictions. Vaught was due to be sentenced onwards May 13, 2022. and her sentences will certainly run consecutively as steve Hayslip the district attorney’s spokeswoman revealed.

VUMC Nurse Radonda Vaught Charges And Sentencing

but the devil is on Vaught’s side as she was not found guilty of reckless homicide and a lower offense covered her conduct of reckless homicide to criminally negligent homicide because she had never been convicted for such conduct in past history and never had any criminal case against her so jury considers her character under little mercy and in total, she will spend almost six to eight-year in prison Nashville, Tenn where nurses all over the country are captivated according to the statement released from the office of Nashville district attorney. the jury who judges the bench of this case.

this judgment in the case of Nurse Radonda Vaught is criticized by many medical professionals stating this judgment of the case will affect the future of the nursing profession and when the jury sentenced the guilty statement nurses and healthcare workers throughout the country were startled, saddened, and perplexed. nurses stepped into action comforting Redonda and providing it to it shd never happen to any nurse again in the future. Redonda Vaught’s case judgment disheartened all the nurses in the country after a long prosecution of three-year trials and still, she was found guilty affects the morale of nursing staff in-country and many started online campaigns against this judgment and demanding re judgment of the case. and asking for the protection of the law against such incidents.

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