In this fast-paced world, many want to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The mobile phone has become a must-have device for most of us. It allows us to do business more conveniently, communicate with our friends and loved ones easily, access email anywhere, and even relax and play our favorite games at game sites like Comeon casino. However, the thought of not being able to use your phone or wait for hours for it to charge can be a cause of inconvenience. As battery technology continues evolving, the hope is to get phones with longer battery life and shorter charging time. Meanwhile, here are a few tips and tricks to charge your iPhone faster.

Charge Your IPhone Faster

Avoid ultra-fast charging

While ultra-fast charging means you will get your phone charged within a short space, it is not recommended. This is because it usually results in over-heating, which will cause damage to your battery, potentially reducing its life.

Avoid old Apple or Apple watch chargers

While they will not cause any damage to your phone, they are low current and low voltage. This means they are slow chargers. Nonetheless, you can use them overnight to charge your phone when not using it. One exception, however, is the 12W iPad charger, which can give you at least 40% in half an hour.

Wireless charging is slow

The introduction of MagSafe wireless charging was revolutionary. However, it is slow, inefficient, results in energy wastage, and generates more heat. While this wireless charging solution is faster than the 5W adapter, it falls far from the best wired charging solutions available. Furthermore, while the MagSafe wireless pad charging solution will work on models from iPhone 8, its better charging speeds work on iPhone 12 series.

Do not use fast chargers made for other phones

While it may be tempting to use fast phone chargers made for other brands, they may not work well with iPhones. While they may work, they may not tap out the full potential to charge an iPhone fast.

The best fast-charging solutions

For iPhone users, the good news is that Apple

chargers are supporting fast charging. In 2017, the company introduced chargers that use PD charging standards, which is also used by Google Pixel 5. To get the best charging speeds for your iPhone, the best bet you have is the Apple 20W USB-C adapter. While the charging speeds will vary between models, you can expect to get your iPhone charged roughly from flat to 50% in 30 minutes. While there are other fast charging 3rd party PD chargers, iPhones cannot milk their full potential.

You can also use your laptop’s charger

If you have the latest slim and light laptop that uses the PD standard chargers, you may also use it to charge your iPhone. This is because the PD standard charging system will only let in the required amount of charge to your phone, thus eliminating the chances of overcharging or overheating.


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