Drake is coming up with their new album and his fans are super excited for the release of his album. The fans are crazy for him. The news of his upcoming track is creating a buzz on social media and it’s been three years when he released or K launched his last album. The album is going to includes 21  songs and it’s the most amazing one will also feature some of phis songs like Young Thug, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Ty Dolla Sign, Jay-Z, and many more. So the new album details are going to be in this article so don’t forget to read a full article. He named his new album “Certified Lover Boy”. Fans are curious to know why he gives this name to his album and what is the meaning of this name.

Certified Lover Boy Meaning Explained

Certified Lover Boy Meaning Explained

  • What is the meaning of the name “Certified Lover Boy”?
  • Now, let’s dive into the meaning of eth name of an album.

So the certified stands for, which is something approved, recognized, correct and true. Whereas the “Lover Boy” stands for a man who is sexually attractive and lucrative, a young boy who can easily get seduce and also fall in love with a female. Thus, we can sta the “Certified Lover Boy” is a boy who has true feelings or who is a true lover boy.

What does the Certified Lover Boy Drake’s album cover mean?

The album is all about the romantic tracks and the feelings of a boy who has a genuine attraction for a girl he is in love with. As the rapper, Drake is well known for being a lady’s man, and he even dated many girls in his life till now. And he is also known for releasing love songs.

Let’s know the meaning of the upcoming album. On the cover of the album, you will be going to see a picture of women. In a cover a lady with a big womb as she is pregnant, and there are women in the different skin shades. The cover of the album has been designed by the most popular designer named, Damien Hirst who is from Britain.

The album is set to be released very soon. But the audience accumulates with the cover that Album is going to be released after nine months. The album drops on Labor Day so it is something like, a pregnant lady is going to be given birth and she is going through a flavor pain after which album might be born.


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