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Central Mangrove Accident: 1 Woman and 2 children killed in NSW Central Coast crash


Central Mangrove Accident: There has been a car crash in the New South Whales, the car crash is being investigated by the authorities and it is being claimed, a life of a mother and two of her children have been lost due to the tragic incident, it has been stated by police the family is of six people, they believed to be from Laguna in the Hunter Valley.

Central Mangrove & Wisemans Ferry Accident

They were traveling through central Mangrove which was just before 10:00 pm when the vehicle veered off the road naming Wisemans Ferry and it got stuck in a tree. The woman died at the age of 32, along with her children who were 6 and 10 years old respectively.

The other boys who are at the age of 16 months and five and nine have been taken by the air ambulance to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle where they remain in a stable condition, it has been stated by the Brisbane Water Police District Commander Superintendent naming Darryl Jobson, it is a very sad day for the families and the community.

He further stated this has been one of the most confronting and challenging scenes of his career, ironically there has been a death of three people and there are three young children who have survived the accident after being extricated from the wreckage by the first responders.

The passing driver is going to be interviewed, it has been stated by the superintendent Jobson that the investigation is involving the passing of a motorist who allegedly hit one of the children’s bodies, he stated the two children were ejected from the car on the roadway and he came in contact with one of them.

The man is at the age of 37 and he has been taken to the hospital for mandatory testing and he is going to be interviewed today by the authorities who are going to provide the authorities with some kind of leads as to what has really happened, the authorities are also telling the eyewitnesses to come forward if there are any to shed some more light onto the situation.

The whole situation is so sad, all of the children with their mother were a part of a tragic incident, their mother has died and two of their siblings have also died, this is going to be pretty hard to deal with for the family, especially for the children who were in the car at the time, it is just horrendous,

It is our request to the people to outpour some love for the family on the internet in order to make them realize that they are not alone in this, people from all over the globe are going to be shedding tears after hearing this and the family should know about this, our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased individuals, may their souls rest in peace.

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