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US CDC Warns Not To Swim with Diarrhea: Slammed by Netizens on Twitter: See Reaction post


It Has Been Stated By The US Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention As They Have Been Warning About Swimming With Having Diarrhea And The Visuals That Have Been Used By Them Are Making All The Headlines As There Is Something Unusual About It.

CDC Swimming Pool Diarrhea

CDC Swimming Pool Diarrhea

It Has Been Stated By The Agency In One Of The Tweets That They Have Posted That Even A Single Person Can Be A Cause For The Contamination Of The Entire Pool And They Have Stated This Along With A Gif Which Is Cartoonish In Which There Is A Girl Sliding Down A Slide And Leaving A Brown Streak On The Slide.

A Link Has Been Added By CDC Which They Have Added To Their Guidance On Swimming And Diarrhea But The Comments That Have Come On The Post Are Related To The Colorful Graphics That Have Been Used To Spread The Awareness.

Many Of The People Saw It And They Were Pretty Grossed Out, While It Has Been Pointed Out By The TaxPayers That There Could Be A Possibility That They Might Have Funded This Awareness Project.

CDC Swimming Pool Diarrhea Guidelines

If You Can Manage To Take Your Eyes Off The Horrific Graphic That They Have Created Then You Can Read The Guidelines-

  • Take A Shower Before You Enter The Water.
  • Don’t Poop In The Pool.
  • People Need To Rinse Off In The Shower After They Are Done With Getting Into The Pool As That Is Going To Remove Bromine Or Chlorine Which Is Going To Kill All Of The Inactive Germs.
  • Test Strips Needs To Be Used To Make Sure About The Water As It Is Free From Chlorine.
  • It Is Advisable To Not To Consume The Water Which Is In The Pool.
  • If You Have Kids With You Then You Need To Provide Them With Breaks And Diapers Needs To Be Checked After Every Interval.

The Guidelines Are Pretty Straight Forward But The Center Of Attention Is The Graphic That They Have Made For The Awareness Which Has Gathered All Of The Attention And It Seems Like That This Is Going To Be Made Fun Of For A While Now.

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