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CDC Bacterial Disease: CDC Warns of Bacterial Disease Caused 2 Deaths in U.S.


There have been two cases of people who are dead because they have had contact with a bacterial disease which is very rare in the U.S. and the disease is typically found in Australia and Asia. the name of the disease is melioidosis, it has been identified it is found in four people which includes adults and children, this has happened in Texas, Kansas, Georgia, and Minnesota.

CDC Bacterial Disease

CDC Bacterial Disease

The first victim was taken under observation in the month of March in Kansas and the person has died because of the disease. The most recent case has happened in Georgia and also a person who is died in the month of July as a person has died in the hospital. The two patients from which one has lost the battle with death were having a pulmonary disease which is chronic and also cirrhosis while if we talk about the other two patients who had no risk factors.

this has led to the Centers for disease prevention and control to make aware the clinicians to look out for the bacterial infection which doesn’t respond to normal antibiotics which includes the children and people who have not traveled internationally. melioidosis which is also known as Whitmore’s disease, the disease is caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei and it is primarily found in tropical climates which is South East Asia and northern Australia which has been stated by CDC, it can spread to animals and humans with direct contact with contaminated soil and water or even food are some of the ways of transmission.

it is being stated the bacteria si not going to spread through the air or respiratory droplets and it has been stated by CDC person-to-person transmission is a possibility when it comes to the disease. The symptoms are going to include shortness of breath, cough, vomiting, fever, weakness, and rash on the face and the abdomen, it is being stated healthy people can also come into the trap of the disease, issues like diabetes, kidney disease, and excessive alcohol use can be one of the reasons which are going to increase the risk.

Currently, CDC is stating it has been caused by some kind of imported product which can be a drink or some kind of food or some kind of cleaning product or any kind of ingredient in the products can be the reason of the disease being found in people in America.

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