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CBSE to hold Class 12 Exams in July Parents Moved to Supreme Court Against the Decision


As you all might already know that the COVID-19 is affecting the country right now. The people are having a tough time and the students are having the loss of study but that’s the only option they have as they can’t go to the schools. Also, the different state boards have promoted the students this year to the new class. You must know that the Class 12 exams of CBSE Board are now expected to happen in July but parents aren’t agreeing with the situation.

The families are worried about their kids and that’s why they don’t want to take any chances in this situation. People are worried about the community spread and four parents of Class XII students have moved to the Supreme Court against the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) decision of conducting the exam this upcoming July 1 to July 15.

CBSE to hold Class 12 Exams

The families claimed that their children aren’t going to attend the exam and if something happens to them then who would be responsible for the same. The PIL is submitted by Col Amit Bathla, Poonam Singla, Charu Singh, and Sunitha as their children are in Class 12 and they don’t want them to go out in this situation. They have challenged the May 18 CBSE notification that announced a fresh schedule for the reaming exams.

You all should know that the CBSE isn’t listening to the parents and they are about to conduct the exam anyhow. The parents are saying that “on the basis of examination already conducted and to calculate it on an average basis with the internal assessment marks of the remaining subject”. Overall, the case is still under the Supreme Court and they will decide what will happen next. They sought to highlight that Delhi University has canceled first year and second-year examinations.

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