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CBS Big Brother Season 23 Cast: Meet All The Housemates, Start Date, Premiere Date, and more!


Big Brother 23 is the forthcoming reality show which is based on the inmate’s real actions and reactions. The show is highly appreciated by the viewers in its first season. Then the makers of the show notice that it received great reactions from the audience and now they are coming up with the 23rd season of the show. The show has been highly popular among the youngsters. The audience likes the format of the show as they 0get to see their favorite artist also in the show.

Big Brother Season 23 Cast 2021 Members

Big Brother Season 23 Start & Premiere Date

You might be getting curious to know the upcoming season’s release date. So let us tell you that the 23rd season of the show will be going to be premiered on July 7, 2021. The show will be going to be hist by Julie Chen Moonves. The cast of the show has been also food. Whereas you are curious to know about the cast so we are here to update you about the cast-in details. here is a house in which we will going to see contestants living together and each and every single reaction or action has been captured by the camera. We will be going to be premiered on your television.

Big Brother Season 23 Full Cast 2021 Members

  • Alyssa Lopez

She is multitalented, a swimmer, designer, videographer, and weightlifter. She is given a statement about the show that “this shoe is so close to her heart as she has been watching it since 11 years.”

  • Azah Awesome

She is a director at the sales operation form and 30m years old.

  • Brent Champagne

He is a flight attendant who also enjoys fishing and hiking.

  • Britini D’Angelo

She is a teacher at the kindergarten. She has been won the championship three times at United Fighting Arts Association.

  • Christian Birkenbereger

Christian is a contractor assistant and he loves playing basketball.

  • Christie Valdiserri

She is a professional dancer and has 11 piercings and five of these were done by herself only.

  • Derek Frazier

He is a boxer by a profession.

  • Derek Xiao

He is 24 years and running his own firm.

  • Brandon French

He is a former military farmer.

  • Hannah Chaddah

She is a fashion and traveling influencer on Instagram.

  • Kyland Young 

He is an account executive and 29 years old.

  • Sarh Steagall

She is a forensic scientist.

  • Tiffany Mitchell

She is 40 years old and loves it. reading horoscopes.

  • Travis Long 

He is a consultant at Tech Sales.

  • Whitney Williams

She is a makeup artist by profession.

  • Xavier Prather 

He is 27 years old and a record player.

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