CBC News Rosemary Barton: It seems like the executives at CBC TV have formula up their sleeves and her name is Rosemary Barton, whenever the executives feel the broadcaster is becoming irrelevant, all they have to do is think about her, it is true that CBS shouldn’t care in excess about the relevance of the broadcaster.

CBC News Rosemary Barton

CBC News Rosemary Barton

But the truth of the matter is, Barton is someone who has managed to generate intense attention and scrutiny which is rare in the broadcaster these days, in times of election campaign, the column received so many emails about Barton than any other person or show on TV.

On Monday, Barton anchored CBC’s long election night coverage with aplomb which received a good cheer, sometimes the pundits get grumpy over small things and you need to be able to control them, it is not an easy job, there have been so many interviews in which they oppositions are getting heated and many at times they make no sense, in such times Barton is the one who always comes out as the smart one and who acts as an in charge to make the debate free-flowing.

Rosemary Barton News

The mail which comes for her are mostly hated mails, Heaven only what she receives on a daily basis, it has to be said that she needs to be commended for staying so active on social media even after receiving all of the hate which she gets from the public, the mail which has come for Barton states,

Her biggest mistake is to interrupt powerful men in order to get a straight answer from them, she has some nerve, the woman clearly doesn’t know her place, she also gives this sceptical look at powerful men which is obviously seeking offence, misogyny seems to be the heart of the hate, the amount of scrutiny which has been aimed at Barton’s words during a long night coverage is just absurd.

There were comments which were being made on her personal appearance which would make anyone weep, much of the hate for her comes from the Conservative party, it seems like she becomes the centre of attention every single time, for us as a journalist you should be blunt and you should not fear anyone while you ask them about their fuck ups or about their statements which didn’t make sense, a journalist should call out the bullshit which goes on in the country.

It seems like she is a strong journalist and a dedicated one, many of people are getting pissed because most of them know that what she is stating and asking is right, it is just she is trying to expose the system and many of the powerful people are not at all happy with it.


  1. You are obviously a fan of Ms. Barton while the great majority of Canadian who still bother to watch the national broadcaster are not. Sure she stands up to “powerful men” but does so from the smug moral certainty of someone well entrenched on the left end of the political spectrum. If you have any doubt of this consider that she distinguished herself in Canadian journalistic history in being the first to sue a political party i.e. the Conservative Party of Canada, for having the temerity of using a portion of her broadcast in their election campaign material. Imagine that, a public broadcaster incensed to the point of litigation over the fact that a Political party would use a portion of the “truth” she conveys to support their political position. She is shamelessly biased and is fully deserving of the backlash she receives.

  2. Very well said , she needs to be Educated by Tucker Carlson and Bill Orielly , grow up , speak both sides of an issue and be Called out on every turn . Only the biased Left idiots at the CBC would hire her , no one else

  3. Why interview if you do not let these candidates speak – She interrupted Erin O’tool so many times that we never really got to hear much of what he had to say – unlike Justin. On the night of the election she was down rite giddy (to the point of embarrasing) when it was called for the Liberals. She is supposed to be unbias in her job – don’t care about her personal life – that’s her business – I will not be watching her anymore – sadly. I am very disappointed in this lady whose reporting I had much respect for.

  4. Educated by Tucker Carlson? By Bill O’Reilly? Oh boy. There is no hope for unbiased journalism if you think they are good examples of how journalists should act and report.

    • Exactly…. people who think like cavemen should not be the ones to get an education from … now we see what Rosemary Barton is up against

  5. CTV was terrible election night stating that POPULAR vote favoured Cons.by 339,000 votesThey disenfranchised more than a million mail-in voters.All these votes must be counted.
    CBC and Rosemary did a wonderful job.

  6. Rosemary Barton should not be a journalist for public television. She is definitely Liberal through and through. And like her Liberal supporters they believe in using her tax paid position to promote only one side(Liberalism). I have noticed that whenever a negative is stated about Justin Trudeau…. She immediately injects at least one negative about Erin O Toole. If a positive is stated on Erin O Toole or the Conservatives… she immediately points out at least one positive for Trudeau. But NEVER the other way around. She does not promote freedom of speech in a way that is needed to unite Canada. And Lord knows we need all parties and provinces to be heard and understood in this great country. Rosemary Barton refuses to be fair to all parties.


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