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Catholic Churches Burned In B.C: Two Churches Have Been Burned Down, Images & Video Explained!


There has been a new drama which is surrounding two of the churches as one of the church naming Sacred heart Church which is at Penticton Indian Band Land and one of the church naming St. Gregory church which is at Osoyoos and it has been stated that the churches are burned down to dust, It has been stated that two of the catholic churches which are situated in Southern Okanagan which were on indigenous land has been burned down to ashes and this has happened on Monday,

Catholic Churches Burned In B.C

Catholic Churches Burned In B.C

As people were pretty shocked at what has happened as there have been 215 graves which are unidentified have been found out in the old Kamloops which was an Indian residential school, it has been stated by the spokesperson naming Sgt. Jason Bayda that an officer spotted fire as he was passing by the Sacred Heart Church which happened around 1:20 am and he further stated that it took less than two hours, 3:10 am to be exact that it was notified to the Oliver fire department that St, Gregory’s church is also on fire.

He further stated that both the churches have been burned down to the ground and police are investigating so as to find the culprits who have done horrendously. The churches were about 100 years old and they were under the responsibility of the Roman Catholic Diocese directed to Nelson. Bayda further stated that the investigation process is up and running as the investigators are already,

At these churches to find out what has happened and in the hope to find a clue to find the culprits who have done such a bizarre thing as they have burned down the place of God and this is just something which is beyond the understanding of anyone so how can someone even do it, burning off of a church is suspicious but burning off of two churches at the same day is pretty obvious that someone has created this nuisance, the culprits are still out there and it seems like that the authorities are on their toes and they are eventually going to find out so as to who has done this.

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