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Casualty Spoilers For Next Week Explained


Casualty Spoilers For Next Week Explained: A piece of good news for the fans of Casualty tonight, we had 2 very different episodes of the show. The first episode of the show centered on an accident with a prison van that left a prisoner, Nathen (role played by Cavan Clarke), and a prisoner officer, Yinka (role played by Bethan Mary James) both seriously wounded. Dr. Matthew Afolami (role played by Osi Okerafor) volunteered to go to the scene, and when he reached he was faced with a dilemma over which patient to move first. Either way, it seemed like the chances of Nathan were very slim. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Casualty Spoilers For Next Week Explained

Casualty Spoilers For Next Week Explained

The entire scenario, the intensity, and pressure of the situation were giving Matthew flashbacks to his time as a field doctor abroad. We have watched him having these flashbacks prior to and Stevie (who played the role of Elinor Lawless) found first hand how much Matthew is suffering after he accidentally hit her in the face while he was having torment about it.


After the team managed to get Yinka and Nathan back to the hospital, Matthew had to perform emergency surgery on Nathan and again he was fighting at the time of the procedure. Nathan was a religious person who believed in redemption, and eventually thought his survival from the accident meant that God had a plan for him and would forgive him for compelling an accident that assassinated a child. Will Matthew be able to discover forgiveness and redemption himself though?

He has a book that seems like it is a record of everyone who has died on his watch. When he rescues a life he crosses one of these others out as if he has to spend every lost life back with a life saved. These were quite intense scenes, and a bit of pleasure was very welcome. After Marty (role played by Shaheen Jafargholi) got affrighted when newish beau Adi (role played by Raj Bajaj), mentioned them possibly moving in together, it brought one of those patients speaks the mind of the staff members scenes between Yinka and Marty who was secretly falling for Nathan in order to make hi realize he should take a chance with Adi.

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, a lady fell while putting up posters about her missing daughter. After she was fetched to the hospital the staff were surprised when the “missing” daughter walked in searching for her, but the lady asserted not to know who the younger lady was.

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