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Casa Amor Love Island Australia: All the Casa Amor gossip you need to know


Casa Amor Love Island Australia: This news is particularly for the fans who are following the popular reality show “Love Island Australia”. A new contestant has recently joined the show which promises its viewers to provide all sets of entertainment. Talking about the show we are living for the continual drama on Love Island as it has been 3 weeks and we have seen many love triangles, partners swapped and stolen, and a number of barbaric dumping, but now Casa Amor is present here to make that all like child’s play. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Casa Amor Love Island Australia

Casa Amor Love Island Australia

For the self-taught, Casa Amor is a plot device continuously used in the LI franchise that watches all the hot female contestants exchanged for other, equally hot female contestants, whereas all the male contestants are traded as well. It is designed to “test loyalties” across pre-existing duos, also known as making a dumpster fire of drama for us to recline and amuse as jealousy slowly drives all the Islanders insane. Channel Nine has extracted all the stops with a few super-hot intruders this time around. We have taken out them all together so the readers can get to know the faces that will be devastating hearts and lives as of tonight.

The Girls


Michela hails from Sydney who loves to work hard and play hard, a credo that has seen her party with the likes of J Cole and Drake in her past. Michela is of South African and European heritage, which will bring some more diversity into the villa. Whilst she has been afflicting with dreadful dating experiences in the past, this twenty five-years-old is ready to descend and has a family on her mind for the future.


She is hailing from the Gold Coast, Tayla sounds like quite the tough contestant. Getting kicked out of the United States musical festival, Coachella, for having a physical relationship in a portaloo, she then closely tied the wedding knot in Las Vegas a few days later. Currently, she is working as a customer service representative on the GC, where she allegedly struggles to find men who are not rude and arrogant, and full of themselves.


This Brisbane girl will be doubtless turning heads within the villa, given the current love of boys. The sensational already has quite the popular and having 34.9k followers on her official Instagram handle, she will be super excited to watch her exciting things up in the villa.


Aisha is a nursing student who is looking for a man who is tall, handsome, and dark. The Perth-based local explains herself as passionate. She also admits that she is terrible at keeping secrets.



That’s all for today we will soon be back with the next update.

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