Carry’s TikTok vs. YouTube controversy isn’t even dead and the roaster is back with the new rap song called “Yalgaar”. The track has received mixed reviews from the critics as it is bad and it doesn’t seem entertaining. The reports are coming that the fans carry are supporting the song but also some of them are making fun of the song. You all should know that Yalgaar is a worst ever made song that you must ignore.

You all should know that the CarryMinati is an Indian YouTuber who is famous for his roasting. You all might have seen his last video which got deleted from the internet due to the policy violation and that video had created big records. Also, the video has made a lot of records and it managed to break many records including Fastest Indian YouTube video to reach 10 million likes. After all of the tries, the creators failed to get the video back and that was disappointing.

yalgaar song

In the recent song of Carry we have seen the lack of creativity even though the video is receiving great love from the users. You all should know that Yalgaar has received 27 Million views in 18 hrs and at the time we are writing this article the video has grossed around 45 Million views. Carry tells his side of the story with respect to his controversial video on Youtube. He also hits back at his trolls and those who betrayed him.

The song is going viral and the viewers are enjoying it. You must know that the song started with his famous dialogue which is, “Toh Kaise Hain Aap Loh” while ending it with “Carry Roast Karega”. Overall, the viewers are going to love the Yalgaar and now we are waiting to see the views to be raised and break the records again. A week back, he had already teased his fans and viewers with a short clip, and now the song is out for the fans.

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