Okay, the TikTok vs. YouTube things are ended and now the YouTuber Carryminati has shared the emotional post by praising his brother Yash Nagar who is in the video and has done the music work along with the Carry. We are pretty sure that the people are going to love the new song as it is a blockbuster song. Also, you all should know that the YouTuber Carryminati’s new song has already made a record and it is trending worldwide.

First of all, you must know that the song itself has received +9 million likes on YouTube with 2 lakh dislikes too. Also, the track itself got exactly around 69 Million views and it is trending on the first position on YouTube. If that doesn’t excite you then you all should know that the song is also trending on 6th position worldwide. The viewers are going to love the YouTuber Carryminati’s Yalgar which is featuring his brother Yash Nagar in as an artist.


To be honest, the song itself wasn’t that strong and we aren’t expecting it to be entertaining for a lot of uses. Some of the fans of Carry have liked the show and some of them haven’t and that is because of lack of creativity in the song. Carry is a great Youtuber, roaster, and a gamer. The people are in love with the YouTuber Carryminati’s video and that is really super cool. Also, the reports are coming that the video could be the fastest-growing video of Youtube with huge views in upcoming days.

In short, you must know that the song is just the beginning and if they do it right then they might hit YouTube with huge views. Overall, we are waiting for the YouTuber Carryminati’s Yalgar to reach at the next high point though the video has already gained a lot of respect and made a lot of records but who cares as we are still waiting for it to go much higher.


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