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Cardwell Car Accident: Highway closed 1 man dead


Cardwell Car Accident: Highway closed 1 man dead: A piece of shocking news is coming into the highlights straight from Cardwell. Yes, a two-vehicle crash took place near Cardwell. Everyone is shocked after getting the news. This horrifying accident took the lives of two people and a juvenile has been hospitalized with some serious injuries. This news has been circulating everywhere, social media users are continuously reacting to the news. The families of the victims were informed by the police. The families of two dead victims are deeply saddened at this time. The family is praying for the victims’ souls. Through this article, we are going to give you all the details about the accident. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Cardwell Car Accident

Cardwell Car Accident

According to the reports, a two-vehicle accident happened near Cardwell in which at least two people were killed and a juvenile is in critical condition. The police were reported immediately about the accident. When the police arrived at the scene, they found two people dead at the accident scene. The two-vehicle crash involved a truck and a car that occurred at around 4 pm on the Bruce Highway, almost 10 km north of the Cardwell Range near Conn Creek. After the accident, Bruce Highway was closed for at least 6 hours.

The police also found a juvenile in a car. He was got out of the car immediately and was taken to the hospital via air to Townsville. He suffered from serious injuries. He is in critical condition and is being treated at the hospital. However, the truck driver was treated for minor wounds. The police have been investigating the accident cause serious and trying to find out the exact reason behind this accident. The police have not released any details about the hospitalized juvenile. The identities of the victims are not revealed yet.

The families of dead victims were informed about the accident. The families were shocked to hear about the accident. There is no information has been revealed about the victims. Their identities and other details are not known yet. The families are going through a tough time right now. It is not revealed whether both victims are connected to each other or not? The police officers have been trying to find out more details. Whenever we will get updates regarding the accident, we’ll let you know immediately for sure. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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