Home Accident Car Crashes Into House Glenmore Park video explained

Car Crashes Into House Glenmore Park video explained


Car Crashes Into House Glenmore Park video explained: A piece of news is coming straight from Sydney into the headlines. Yes, we are talking about a Sydney drunk driver who was captured on the camera while thrashing into the bedroom of a Sydney home. The video has been surfacing on the internet and receiving much attention from people. The incident was really dangerous and the police were being reported regarding the incident. However, no one got injured in the incident, fortunately. Since the news broke out, people are showing their interest to know the whole incident. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Car Crashes Into House Glenmore Park

Car Crashes Into House Glenmore Park

Recently, CCTV footage came to the light in which a moment was captured in which an alleged drunk driver crashed into the bedroom of a Sydney home. Rahul Walimbe stated that he was video calling his wife in India when the Subaru plowed through the bedroom wall of his Glenmore Park home. He said, “All I heard was a big bang behind me — I turned around and there was a car in my room.” He said that he was feeling lucky to be alive when he noticed the car missed him by just cms.

He stated that if the car crashed into his room 10 minutes later, he would probably have been sleeping and the car would have been on top of him. The drunk driver was identified as a 38 years old female driver who has been arrested now after she came positive blood alcohol reading. When the police tried to talk with her, she became so aggressive and started abusing the officers. She was completely drunk.

Later, she was taken to St Mary’s Police Station and there she denied going through a second breath test. She has been charged with 5 crimes that include drunk driving and protesting against a police officer. She has been released now but on conditional bail. She is ordered to appear on 22 February at the Penrith Local Court. The police have not released much information regarding the incident. We are waiting for more information about the incident. As soon as we will get all the information, we will let you know for sure, till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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