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Car Crash Seville Grove: 2 Teen Dead After Car Hits Tree In Seville Grove In Perth’s South-East


Car Crash Seville Grove: There has been a tragic car accident in which two teenagers have died and there are four others who are fighting for their lives in the hospital, Car Crash Seville Grove, the car crash was horrific, it happened in Perth on Thursday during the night, there were many loved ones who placed flowers for the lost soul’s ion Friday.

Car Crash Seville Grove

Car Crash Seville Grove

The police have launched an investigation in order to figure as to what went wrong and how did so many people got injured, it has been stated by the police, there were six teenagers in the car when they hit a curb on the Lake road in Seville Grove and they hit a tree around 10:00 pm.

The people who reached first at the scene, at least one of the boys was found out of the sedan because of the sheer force of the crash, the 15-year-old was taken to the Annadale Hospital but due to his life-threatening injuries, he could not survive the accident.

There was another passenger in the car who was 17 years old, he died at the scene only, the 18-year-old driver was taken to the Royal Perth Hospital, he has suffered some minor injuries and there are three others who have been taken to the hospital as a precaution. Everyone was in complete shock, all of the onlookers were in shock.

It is quite a small community, the locals know each other so to have such young people who die who were known by a whole community is pretty sad and it seems like everyone in the community is in total despair. There were many who came to pay their respects at the site of the crash, most of them were their classmates from Kelmscott High School.

One of the teenagers who has died in the incident is a young relative of Rita Saffioti who is the transport minister of WA, there were so many people who attended the crash site as they were there to lay flowers and to pay their respect to Friday, the police were called to manage the traffic in the area and to keep those in mourning safe.

This seems to be a developing story and there are many things that haven’t been stated by the authorities, there are going to be some revelations as the investigation heads on, we are going to updating you about the story as soon as something important comes under our radar.

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