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Canada Heat Wave Temperature Live Updates: Dozens Are Dead As Heatwave Shatters Records


There is a bizarre situation that is being gone on in Canada as there are heatwaves that are just shattering all of the records and people are really suffering, especially the people who are homeless as they are not protected from the heatwaves and that has caused many deaths in the country.

Canada Heat Wave Temperature

Canada Heat Wave Temperature Live Updates

There have been about 130 deaths which are sudden and this has been reported by Police in Vancouver and these deaths have been happening since Friday, most of the people who have died are elderly or the people who have poor health conditions as the heat is basically enhancing the effect on the troubled body and this is the reason that about 130 people have died since Friday.

Canada has broken the temperature record and this has happened for a straight third day which is on Tuesday having the temperature as 49.6 C (121.3 F) which has been seen in Lytton in British Columbia and it seems like even the North-West of the US has seen a number of fatalities because of the excruciating weather that has been suffering for the people.

It has been stated by the experts that climate change is going to be increasing the effect of the weather events that occur as they are going to be pretty extreme and that includes these heatwaves that have really taken a toll on Canada and people are getting affecting to a point that they are dying and the number of fatalities just keeps on increasing.

It has been stated by the president of the United States Joe Biden as he gave a speech on climate change and he has pitched an idea to update the infrastructure of the country in order to deal with such hazardous situations, it seems like that he is going to be meeting with the governors with the US states in the west and also the fire officials as the season for American Wildlife is going to begin this season.

The heatwave has been caused by a dome of hot high-air pressure which is static and is stretching from California and it is going to travel to the Arctic territories and it is being seen that the coastal areas are settling down but the situation is still troublesome.

The fatalities because of the heatwave are going to be on the rise as there are being reports of death that are coming every now and then and it can be estimated as 65 people are already dead in Vancouver because of the heatwaves and this has been happening since Friday.

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