Home News Canada Extends Ban On Passenger Flights From India Till 21st July: Report

Canada Extends Ban On Passenger Flights From India Till 21st July: Report


Canada has taken a decision to extend the ban that is on passenger flights that are from India and they are going to extend the ban for about 30 days and this has been announced by Omar Alghabra who is the transport minister and he has announced this on Monday and it has been further stated by the feds that they are not going to be renewing the travel ban that they have for Pakistan.

Canada Extends Ban On Flights From India

Canada Extends Ban On Flights From India

Omar stated in a press conference that today they will also be renewing the flight ban that they have between Canada to India which is going to be there for 30 days which comes out to be 21st July 2021 and this has been stated by the transport minister in a press conference as he further stated that any kind of passenger flights, doesn’t matter private or commercial are going to be denied the permission for arriving in Canada.

He further stated that who are going to be departing from India and are bound to Canada which is through an indirect route, it has been stated that they also have to get a valid COVID test which they have to get it from a third country which they have to do before they plan to board a flight to Canada as he further added and it seems like that the situation is pretty critical as cases in India have reduced but we are still facing the virus as people are still getting affected by the coronavirus in India.

The situation is probably going to settle down in no time and this is going to happen in about 30 days which is being assumed by the Canadian government and that is probably true as the cases are dropping down in India and it is about some time that the situation is going to change for good and opening up the flights is not feasible at that time because the situation hasn’t settled completely.

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