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Canada Border Travel Update: Canada Extends US Covid-19 Travel Restrictions!


Canada takes a big step against the Covid-19 and for the safety of their people. By restricting unnecessary international and US travel, the restriction until June 21. The declaration of US travel restriction made by Bill Blair from his official Twitter account on Friday 18 June 2021. Bill is the minister of Canada’s Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Canada Border Travel

Canada Border Travel Update

After the announcement, Justin Trudeau, a prime minister of Canada addressed the media in which he stated that the increment in the travel restriction may cause frustration for the people. The pandemic is still in the flow hence it is my duty to think about it and keep the citizens of Canada safe and secure from the contagious virus. He traveled to foreign for the G7 summit and he is in self-isolation after this travel.

I get that it will be going t be frustrating for the entire city special for those who are curiously waiting for the normal life routine. I found many people who are getting impatient to travel but a pandemic is still at its peak thus for the safety this must be followed bu the citizens patiently, said Bill Blair.

He further added that “The pandemic still not over yet. And we are working on targeting to vaccinate 75 percent of the doses to the people. Well, even an individual who is got vaccinated with both doses still has a chance to get covid positive. Whereas the chances are rare.”

Blair stated that we will soon be going to inform the citizens about the protection on how to handle traveling among the people who are vaccinated.

Well, there was one more piece of news that the US and Canada both agreed with the decision on closing the border in March 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been beginning.

Canada is off limit for US travelers. All kind of traveling activities has been prohibited. Whereas for the family members and international there are some exceptions. Those who are traveling from flight must have to be quarantined after reaching their destination along with this their test is mandatory as well.

All the related travel advisories for Canadians are available on the Government of Canada website.

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