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COVID-19 border rules: Canada Border Crossing Requirements


Canada Border Crossing Requirements: British Columbians entrenched by the month of November floods will no longer be qualified for border-crossing exemptions as of Monday night. The exemptions put in place to aid those trapped by highway closures or entrenched by supply chain cataclysms will no longer be in effect as of 08:59 PM (or one minute prior to midnight, eastern time). Continue to read to know more about it. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Canada Border Crossing Requirements

Canada Border Crossing Requirements

Concluded on 31st January 2022: Given the continuing situation in British Columbia (BC) as a consequence of the floods, citizens of BC who must travel by land to or via the US are exempt from pre-entry, arrival, and 8 days of testing and the requirements of quarantine. Their trip must be no more than a day. These exemptions do not apply to non-essential travel, including visiting family or friends.

These exemptions were released in mid-November, after a series of storms washed out major highways. At a certain point, the only way to get into or out of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland by automobile was to cross the border of the United States. Since that time, those busy routes have opened again, and the rules put in place for individuals who are required to go through the United States to get around the closures or pick up necessary supplies are no longer required, the federal government said last week.

Canada Border Crossing Requirements: Who Can Come To Canada

  • The citizens of Canada (including dual citizens), individuals registered under the Indian Act, permanent citizens of Canada, or protected persons (status of refugee) are permitted to make the entry in Canada.
  • Double-Vaccinated foreign nationals may be permitted to enter Canada for optional travel.

Foreign nationals who do not qualify as entirely vaccinated will only be permitted to enter in particular circumstances:

Canada Border Crossing Requirements Of Travel And Exemptions 

Visitors entering Canada, regardless of citizenship, have to follow testing and quarantine requirements to keep everybody safe. Canadians have to meet and follow all of the same entry requirements. Under particular circumstances, the person may be excused from some requirements.

For further information, go to the list of Acts and Regulations and watch for detail on the Quarantine Act, the Cheif Public Health Officer (CPHO) Groups, the Emergency Orders that may apply.

Canada Border Crossing Specific Requirements For Exempt Visitors 

There are serious and strict requirements the people need to follow even if they are exempt from quarantine.

The person must need to take care of these things which are mentioned below.

  • Wear a mask at all times whenever in public spaces
  • Keep a list of all close contacts for their first 14 days in Canada
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms and signs of Coronavirus
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