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Cameron Lake Accident: Driver Seriously Injured In Highway 4 Crash


Most head-on collisions brought up a car driver to went into a hospital as he hit a semi-truck. An accident took place on Highway 4. Now after reading this half ]information you might be wondering about the incident. There are numerous questions rising in your head including when does it happen, how it happened, and with whom it happened? So in this article, you will be going to grab the detail of the accident0ial incident. The incident is on the 26th of August.

Cameron Lake Accident

Cameron Lake Accident

The event was befallen in the morning at 8:30 am, on Thursday, at the Cameron Laked Stretch on the mid-span portion, this leads to the shut down of the highway of almost two hours and from both directions. This created a jam on the highway and many of the visitors have to wait for two hours. The patient took to the hospitals and one is in critical condition, stated by BC Emergency Health Service. Police reached the spot and first, they took the patients to the hospital and the conditions of the accidents were critical. The ambulance made the emergency landing next to a lake.

If we talk about the crash then it was so disheartening and made the passengers lie in the hospital’s bed. Thus the condition of teh driver is very critical but he is in a hospital and his treatment is in the process. Semi-truck driver safe, he doesn’t have any serious injury. Police have taken the sudden actions at the incident spot and it sent the driver to teh hospital first at the right time before his condition gets more critical or serious.

Other than this we don’t have much information about the accident. Well, it isn’t the first time we are getting accidental news of ¬†Highway 4. There was numerous of the accident took place at the highway. And the reason is the one, people think that this is a Highway and they can run their vehicle at the highest speed thus this leads to an accident. Your safety must be your first priority, so drive at a speed so that you can handle your vehicle at the right time.

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