Home Entertainment Is Cam Newton deletes Instagram account? Panthers QB social profiles deleted?

Is Cam Newton deletes Instagram account? Panthers QB social profiles deleted?


Is Cam Newton deletes Instagram account? Panthers QB social profiles deleted?: On Thursday, one of the biggest news stories in the NFL circled around all over the internet, it is about free-agent quarterback Cam Newton who has been signed up for the Carolina Panthers for the rest of the left out season, Newton was drafted by the Panthers and he has spent the majority of his career with the franchise. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Cam Newton Instagram

Is Cam Newton deletes Instagram account?

He has signed up for a one year contract in order to finish the season in Carolina, he is known for his unique style of play when it comes to the field, he has also become sort of a meme on the internet because of his game, his Twitter and Instagram posts came with a font which has made them almost unreadable, all thanks to his unorthodox gameplay. After he has signed up with the Panthers, fans noticed something, it is about his Instagram account which seems to be no longer up.

Is Cam Newton Deleted His Instagram Account?

It has been stated that he has indeed deleted his Instagram account, there has been no indication as to when did this happen officially, fans realized about a week ago that it is not there anymore, Newton has been one of the funniest players in the league, he wears pretty cool outfits and the way he carries himself suits the guy.

Newton has also been an attractive option in recent times, as he spent some time away from New England Patriots in the month of August after he came in close contact with a person who contracted Covid-19, Newton declined to get vaccinated at the time which means even if he is going to be contracted with Covid-19, his time away from the Panthers should be short.


It is going to be the case as the player who gets tested positive without being vaccinated, in such a case the player needs to stay away from the team for about 10 days, Newton’s Instagram has always been a source of good fun, this is because of the fonts which he uses in his writing, there is no known reason as to why has he deleted his account but the way athletes get abused on social media these days, it could be the reason behind the deletion of his account.

He is not expected to be starting for Carolina Panthers on Sunday against the Arizona P.J. Walker who is going to be under center for the Panthers, the center quarterback is going to sit on the bench for his next game, this is what is being stated as of this point in time.

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