It seems like that the event is official as the election of Gavin Newsom which is a recall election is going to be happening. It has been stated by the Secretary of California state naming Shirley Weber has mentioned on the letter which she has written to the Department of Finance as she stated that it seems like 43 signatures have been withdrawn when you talk about the petition which is for the qualifying for the recall on the ballot and these are the total number of signatures that has been withdrawn out of the remaining votes that comes out to be 1,719,900 which is the number of the verified signatures which is more than enough for the recall of the elections.

California Governor Recall Election

California Governor Recall Election

For the recall to happen it was required by the state to get 1,495,709 verified signatures or getting 12% signatures from the 12,464,235 votes that were done at the time of gubernatorial election and this was the criteria for the qualification of the election to take place and this criterion has been after the verification for a final time which was due for 29th April but it is being stated that a 30 day period was provided to the voters so that they can request the officials of the county to withdraw their signatures which is for the recall petition.

It’s has been stated that the cost of the recall is going to be determined by the Department of Finance and they have the deadline of 5hth August to come with the number which is for the cost of the elections that is approved and is going to be happening, they need to submit the number Secretary of the State office and the Lieutenant governor and they also need to provide the number to the budget committee of joint legislative.

The committee is going to be having a 30 calendar period to comment and review on the required estimates and after the period for the review gets expired, the Finance director is going to direct the controller of the state to transfer the stated funds so that the election gets happened and the cost that is going to be decided is going to be publicized on the website of the State Secretary and is also going to be printed in the guide for the information which is going to be provided to the voters.


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