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California Cal Osha Mask: Vaccinated California Workers Not Wearing Mask!


The authorities of California have stated that they are going to be having revised rules for covid19 when it comes to the workplace as they have stated that the employees who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear the mask if they feel like which is the same case which is for a vaccinated person out of their workplace and this has made the people’s lives a little less miserable in these time of covid.

California Cal Osha Mask

California Cal Osha Mask New Rule

The rules have been seen and approved by the government that has further appointed the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board of California to decide on this issue and after a lot of confusion, the decision has been reached and it has been approved by the government which is a sense of relief for the employees as wearing a mask can be frustrating at times and it is more frustrating wearing a mask when you are fully vaccinated and considering this it has been decided by the government that they are going to remove the rule of wearing a mask at you work facility if the person is fully vaccinated.

It has also been stated that the rules are going to be up and running after they get filed up with the secretary of state, one of the representatives of laborers naming David Harrison has stated that as he stated that he fully understands the proposal that has come in front of them but he further stated that this is highly inconvenient and controversial as he stated that this is not the time to let their guards down as this can result in cases which can be really hazardous.

He further went on to say that they need to protect the employees and they need to realize that this can be really unreasonable knowing the fact that they suffered a big breakdown when it comes to covid19 so they need to be pretty patient before jumping on such a decision.

It has been stated that the rules are going to be applied to the workplaces in the state, factories, offices, and retailers, deputy chief Eric Breg has stated that the workers should be protected with full sincerity in all of the businesses that are going to open just like any other day and this has to be seen by the officials that no one is showing them some sort of fake document when it comes to showing the poof of the vaccination.

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