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Caldicot School Girl Falls: Real Name, Age, Parents and Photos


Caldicot School Girl Falls: Real Name, Age, Parents, and Photos: An 11-year-old innocent girl has been lost her life in tragic death and it is making the news headlines. Not only this it is also scattered on the social media platform. Now you just also getting, impatient to know what has been happened to her and how she has been met to a death. So all the answers will get to you in the article below. So without anyone delays, let’s get into the article below. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Caldicot School Girl Falls

Caldicot School Girl Falls

She was a student of Caldicot Comprehensive School which is in Monmouthshire. She was the most intelligent and talented child in her school. She was best known by all the faculty as she was the shrape student at her school. She even took participants in many competitions as this is how she was known to her faculty.

Caldicot School Girl Falls

What has happened to her?

She accidentally fell from the balcony of the school and was badly injured in this. And then the emergency services took her to the University Hospital of Wales which is in Cardiff. And her condition was so serious that she wasn’t even in a sense. She went against the spot, the injuries of her are so severe.

The council of Monmouthshire was said that ” we are working so closely in the matter and deeply investigating into it.” Thye further said that “this is a serious matter as it might be done intentionally also with a girl but we can’t say anything is confirmed yet as we are investigating onto the matter.”

Caldicot School Girl Falls

She is 11 years old and was falling from the balcony which caused her server injuries and she is battling her life. Her parents are so tense that they demanded a deep investigation from the police.

So this incident has happened on 13 of December 2021 in which the girl collapsed from her school balcony. She was immediately taken to the hospital where she has been treated by the doctor. There are no details have come yet whether her condition is stable or critical. The police have been involved in this case and trying to find out what exactly happened with the girl. The police didn’t reveal much information about the matter. We are waiting for the police statement for further details. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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