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Butter Theft: $200,000 Butter Stolen In Quinte West, Ontario


Butter Theft: $200,000 Butter Stolen In Quinte West, Ontario: The news is coming from Quinte West OPP is looking for four people who are responsible for stealing approximately $200,000 worth of butter, there has been a police investigation which has revealed that the suspects entered the facility on Glen Miller Road in Trenton at 11:00 pm on 25th December. As they went inside, two transport trucks got stolen, they were then used to steal two trailers which contained a combined 20,000 kg of butter, it has been stated by the police that the trucks were located on 27th December on McCulloch Avenue in Etobicoke and the other on Attwell Drive in Toronto. Both were emptied. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Butter Theft

Butter Theft

The authorities have also released an image of a black SUV that they say dropped off the suspects at the trucking facility on Glen Miller Road. Anyone who is having any kind of information regarding the case can contact the Ontario Provincial Police or Crime Stoppers. There is not much to the story as of this point in time, this has taken place pretty recently and that is why there is not much data on the case which is available to the public as of this point in time, the authorities are investigating the case as of this point in time.

Butter Theft: $200,000 Butter Stolen

There are going to be a lot of further revelations in the story, there are a lot of informative points which have not been provided by the authorities as of yet, the whole scene is being investigated as of now and the authorities are going to come up with further details. It has not been stated as to how many people were involved in the stealing of the butter and the trucks, it has not been stated if the police have any kind of lead about their whereabouts, it has not been stated if the people who have done this steal are identified by the authorities or not.

This seems to be a developing story, there are going to be further details which are going to come up in the coming days and weeks regarding the story, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further revelations as soon as something comes under our radar. We are going to be back with the updates.

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