Home News Busselton Hospital Death: Investigation Into Death Of Woman At Busselton Hospital

Busselton Hospital Death: Investigation Into Death Of Woman At Busselton Hospital


Busselton Hospital Death: Investigation Into Death Of Woman At Busselton Hospital: As the ABC West WA posted a report on Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 2:12 pm. As per the ABC report a patient around 70 years old waited at Busselton Health Campus for several hours, but she did not get treatment for many hours, and she passed away. We human-made a hospital for the service of human beings as a moral duty, but doctors have made it only a profession, they have no feeling for anyone. They just only think for their benefit. When it asked West Australian Health authorities have confirmed they are investigating the matter and reportedly a woman has been died in the hospital waiting for care at a regional hospital. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Busselton Hospital Death

Busselton Hospital Death

But hospital staff did not care for the woman’s health at all. They were finding only their benefits only. As per the report, a 70 years old woman has died in such a hospital. Which has no emotions, it is totally unemotional and did only care for its hospital, not for those people who come to the hospital for getting treatment. But they did not think that, whenever the hospital only think of its economic status.

In a statement, WA Country Health Service chief executive Jeff Moffet said that he know that and understood that a woman waited for about three hours after presenting at the Busselton Health Campus hospital with back pain on Tuesday, and she has been passed away at the age of 70 years. He also added that “sudden death” at the hospital was being investigated. He stated too the patient was brought to the emergency department upon arrival but did not elaborate further on what care the patient received.

When the patient died, a piece of information in going everywhere, the patient was brought into the emergency department upon arrival and sadly passed later that afternoon, Mr. Moffet said. You could think that when the lady has passed away, then what effect would be they to send her to an emergency room, when has she died?

So this matter is under investigation and who will be accused could be final after the judgment by the court. This is too unethical, what could a hospital do with a patient. This news has been viral on social media and people are sharing it with others and demanding the rights of the lady. police should investigate the case very briefly.

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