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Burbank Accident Today: 3 Killed, 2 Injured In Burbank Street Racing Crash


There has been a bizarre case of an accident that has left two people to be severely injured and 3 of the people are already declared dead, the car crash involved three cars which happened in Burbank in the early Wednesday in the morning and it is believed by the investigators, this has something to do with street racing. The three people who have died were traveling in a Volkwagon Sedan, it has been stated by Sgt. Emil Brimway who is working at the Burbank Police department, the three who have died were not involved in street racing.

Burbank Accident Today

Burbank Accident Today Latest News

it has been seen in the footage, one of the cars sheared nearly in half, at 12:15 am near Glenoaks Boulevard and Andover Drive, the Volkwagon was rugged away by two cars which seem to be racing as 2 of the cars took the left turn. the two passengers and the driver has been announced dead at the time the accident happened as they died at the scene, there is also a female passenger who has been taken to a trauma center after she suffered some serious injuries.

There was also a Kia involved and the driver of the car is suffering from some major injuries which have been stated by the Police Department, there were two people more who were involved in the incident as the third car was a Mercedez and they are totally and have escaped the situation with some minor injuries. It has been stated by Brimway, the whole situation could have been easily avoided and it is sad to see such a scenario until now there have been no arrests and the crash is being investigated by the Police Department of Burbank.

People need to understand, racing in cars is meant for tracks with proper safety equipment and not for streets as to avoid such a scenario in which 3 people have lost their lives and two are severely injured just because the two of the cars that were racing finding it thrilling to race on streets and the whole could have been avoided pretty easily, this is a shame, people don’t understand the seriousness of the situation when it comes to driving fast on streets and it’s not that cases haven’t come about crashes, there is enough data about how many lives are being lost every year because of someone’s cheap thrills.

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