Home News Bugis Mookata Restaurant Singapore: Shirtless male servers on Jan. 8 & 15

Bugis Mookata Restaurant Singapore: Shirtless male servers on Jan. 8 & 15


Bugis Mookata Restaurant Singapore: Shirtless male servers on Jan. 8 & 15: The servers are making the news headlines, these are of the Bugis Mokota Restaurants. Many of you are must be impatient to know why so. Let us tell you that you guys are on the right platform and will going to be get the details of this news in the article below. The name of the restaurant is “Mr. Mookata” and the logo of it has been a chicken inside a circle. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bugis Mookata Restaurant Singapore

Bugis Mookata Restaurant Singapore

The server of this restaurant has been serving shirtless and they all are damn handsome. This can be sold as a marketing strategy of the restaurant. Thye only use to be in a prone which is of purple color. There is a pic of the show that has been getting viral now. You guys can see them in makes and shirtless.


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They all are handsome and cute too. This Restaraunt is at 516 Liang Seah ST Singapore 188740. It also has an Instagram page on which they shared numerous pictures including their recipes and the menu they used to be served to their customers. Well, the ahs huge customers in the city. They even have regular customers has their venues are so best for health-conscious people.

Bugis Mookata Restaurant: Shirtless male servers on Jan. 8 & 15

They recently shared a post in which shared which they have been shared a total of 6 pics and in these pics. While in the caption you guys will going to be, “Happy 2022, This Weekend 8th and 15th Jan @mrmookata and he even interesting the shirtless Hunk and they will be going to serve you drinks all night. During these 2 days in collaboration with @asiafarmpted, we will be providing. Opening Hours for the same menu is 12 pm-6 am daily 516 Liang Seah St. Singapore 188740. For more information call us @88257550.”

This Restaurant might have been playing the biggest stunt to make it popular, There are numerous restaurants in the world and not difficult to be sty in the competition and comes the best. But Mokota now gets so popular after this and this might be their publicity stunt. This says there are now getting a huge customer base now.

Singapore is a city of travelers people use to visit there and they always remain curious to try the new dishes. So this restaurant is now on the list and many are curious to visit here. Stay tuned to is to get more updates on the same.

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